How to Take PrEP?

PrEP研究|How to take PrEP

How to take PrEP

You’re getting PrEP, let’s learn which way to take PrEP suits you best

First of all, there are so many ways to take PrEP, how you take PrEP depends on

1. How often do you have sex

2. Do you plan to have sex well in advance?

Clinical Practice Guideline of the United States (since 2013) and HIV prevention Guidelines of Thailand (since 2014) provided comprehensive information which suggests us to use daily oral PrEP to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV infection in adults.

Our advice around PrEP is based on the results of 2 European studies. The 2 studies looked at different ways of taking the prevention.


– Take leading dose of PrEP once a day every day ideally same time a day for 7 days to provide enough protection level in the rectal tissue (for anal sex) and in vaginal tissue (for vaginal sex – if you have one)

– You can take it with or without food.

– Take one pill once a day

– If you miss one or two pill once a while, don’t freak out! you still have enough protection.
– No one taking the Truvada correctly caught HIV in this study.

– This is the officially recommended way to take PrEP since 2013!!

– This is how PULSE clinic recommends guys, girls and transgirl who have sex often to take PrEP for their protection.

But some people don’t have sex very often, they feel once a day everyday is too much and PrEP in western countries is very expensive (that’s why they come to get PrEP at PULSE) here comes PrEP on demand.


– Take 2 Truvada pills between 2-24 hours BEFORE sex. Then take one Truvada pill every day until 2 days have passed after the last condomless sex.

– This regimen is for ANAL SEX ONLY, and not recommended for vaginal sex. 

– This method is also called 2+1+1 or On-Demand PrEP, it’s good for you if you know you might have condomless sex 24 hours in advance:
# Take 2 pills 2 – 24 hours before sex
# Take 1 pill 24 hours after the first dose
# Take 1 more pill 24 hours after that
Remember, i’s really important not to miss any doses. 

If you’re having sex for more days, perhaps over a few days or a weekend, continue to take ONE pill every 24 hours until you have 2 days without sex.

NOTE: Not recommended for gay people who enjoy chemsex or do not plan to have sex very well, because there are already evidences that many people forget to take the third and the forth pill.


– This regimen is for ANAL SEX ONLY, and not recommended for vaginal sex.

– We recommend daily dose for 7 days in a row (without bareback sex), then 4 pills per week (on Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday, easy to remember).

– This is for people who have sex “not that often” or less than once a week or once a month, then you feel you don’t have to take it everyday and 4 pills is enough to give you protection. And it also help you save some money.

4. SEASONAL PrEP or PrEP Holiday

Imagine when you go on business trip or holiday, you meet more people, you let yourself go a little bit and you have more chances to have fun which also means more risks, or when you are going to

– travel to a country with a high HIV prevalence like Thailand

– have an increased number of partners of unknown HIV status or you don’t know for sure if they are taking PrEP or undetectable

– use less condoms

– party hard and substances might be involved during sex (chemfun or chemsex)

Seasonal PrEP would be good for your protection and this is how to use it

# Take PrEP one pill once a day for 7 days without condomless sex ! STRICTLY! 

# Ttake one pill once a day during the high risk season (cruise trips, circuit festivals or pride months)

# Take one pill once a day after the period.

PrEP is safe and it works very well, if you do it right!

If you have more question about PrEP / PrEP taking, please click “Help Center” down below.