How to get PEP in Bangkok? Get Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in Bangkok within 1 hour

How to get PEP in Bangkok

How to get PEP in Bangkok? Get Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in Bangkok within 1 hour

What is PEP?

PEP is the abbreviation of post-exposure prophylaxis, which refers to taking antiviral drugs immediately after possible exposure to HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) to prevent HIV infection and replication in the body, thereby reducing the risk of HIV infection. [^1^][1]. PEP is an emergency preventive measure that can only be taken within 72 hours of high-risk exposure and lasts for 28 days. It cannot be used as a routine prevention method [^2^][2].

How does PEP work?

The principle of PEP is to use antiviral drugs to interfere with the life cycle of HIV and prevent HIV infection and replication in the body, thereby reducing the concentration of HIV in the blood and other body fluids and reducing the possibility of HIV establishing permanent infection in the body[^3^ ][3]. PEP usually uses a combination of two or three different antiviral drugs to enhance efficacy and reduce the risk of drug resistance[^4^][4]. The effectiveness of PEP depends on multiple factors, such as type of exposure, duration of exposure, drug selection, drug dosage, drug compliance, etc.[^5^][5].

When do you need to use PEP?

PEP is only applicable to people who have high-risk exposure, such as contact with blood or other body fluids from HIV-positive or HIV-unknown persons through sexual intercourse, injection of drugs, occupational exposure, or other means [^6^][6]. PEP is not suitable for people who are already infected with HIV or who have not been exposed to high-risk HIV. If high-risk exposures occur frequently, you should consider using PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) or other preventive measures, such as using condoms, reducing the number of partners, and regular HIV testing [^7^][7].

How to get PEP?

In Bangkok, the fastest way to obtain PEP is through, a network of partner clinics across Asia that provide PEP consultation, assessment, prescription and delivery services online. You only need to fill out a simple questionnaire on the website to get advice from professional doctors. If you meet the conditions for PEP, you can pay and place an order online without a prescription or real-name authentication. can deliver PEP drugs within an average of 1 hour in the Bangkok metropolitan area. It supports CNY/USD/HKD/THB payment with all major card organizations . The price is reasonable, the service is reliable and trustworthy. If you have a high-risk exposure in Bangkok, don’t panic, visit immediately to get PEP to protect yourself from HIV infection.

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