EnvoyMeds Medical Consulting Services|EnvoyMeds 医疗咨询服务


EnvoyMeds Medical Consulting Services|EnvoyMeds 医疗咨询服务



EnvoyMeds.com 为消费者提供有关健康生活、艾滋预防、疾病管理,医疗保健和普惠药物采购信息。 所有内容均经过医疗专家的审查。





我们可为您提供PrEP(HIV暴露前预防)、PEP(HIV暴露后紧急阻断)、HIV(人体免疫缺陷、艾滋病)、性健康(皮肤性病)、LGBTQ+ Life 心理健康相关的咨询。


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在您支付相关费用后,您可点击此处 选择“Medical Consulting Service|医疗咨询服务“ 并正确填写您的电邮地址(电邮地址需与支付时填写的电邮一致)及所需咨询内容。


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At EnvoyMeds.com, we believe everyone deserves affordable and convenient healthcare, and we serve the Asia region and the world – no matter your income or insurance status – we’re here to provide relevant information about your health knowledge and services. We strive to provide comprehensive, objective and understandable information so consumers can make the best decisions for their healthcare needs.

Health Information

EnvoyMeds.com provides consumers with information on healthy living, HIV prevention, disease management, healthcare and affordable drug purchasing. All content has been reviewed by medical experts.

Support Team

EnvoyMeds.com has contracted multiple specialists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to provide you with professional and reliable consulting services.

From now on, you can get in touch with our Professionals or Experts through the link below, to consult with healthcare topics, and we will transfer you to designated medical professionals, answers just one click away.

Our scope of consultations:

We can provide you with PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis), PEP (Post-exposure prophylaxis), HIV (human immunodeficiency, AIDS), sexual health (STDs), LGBTQ+ Life psychological and related consultations.

Service details

  • Select and Pay

Select the consulting plan at the bottom of the page and pay.

  • Consult

After payment, you can click here and select “Medical Consulting Service” and fill in your email address correctly (the email address must be the same as the email you filled in during payment).

The content of your consultation should meet the scope of consultation we cover, and the content of your consultation should be limited to a single topic, and the number of questions should not exceed 3. Please try to describe the issue in as much detail as possible, and the question is clear.

  • Feedback

Within 24 hours after we receive your inquiry, we will assign a professional or expert on the relevant topic to provide you with a detailed answer, and it will be in a letter to your Email.